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Spirit of East Harlem on the corner of Lexington Avenue and 104th Street.

As the Nuyorican community continues to thrive in New York, maintaining their culture through adaptations and challenges, this site exists to continue to build the Puerto Rican diaspora.Nuyorican Network is a site to assist with building an online community and activism opportunities for Puerto Ricans in New York and their allies.

This site is intended to build an accessible online location for Nuyoricans and their allies to network and build a community online for support, information, and resources. This aim is to provide an opportunity for conversation and connection through forums, and by providing helpful information to further build the Puerto Rican diaspora. This includes, but is not limited to, finding resources and information regarding Puerto Rico and how to assist post the hurricane destruction.

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Tips for using this site:

  • Let your story and opinion be heard as you navigate the Forum page and see what others are discussing.
  • Get Involved by finding local events to attend or how to help out our beloved mainland.
  • View the Gallery for local art and inspiration, or add your own images and share your work!